love. love. love.

luis. by sofia tomé.

i shot this with some film i ordered from the impossible project. still haven’t gotten great exposure with the film, but i’m loving the dreamy quality of it.


an adventurous lady.

woman in hill country. unknown year. found.

this is another beautiful photograph i found at uncommon goods in austin. though it is undated, it seems to me that it’s from the 40’s or 50’s. i like to imagine that this lady is climbing the hills of the texas hill country. maybe even somewhere near marfa. i love that she dressed up for hiking 😉


bud. mexico city, unknown year. found.

i know it’s been a long time…

i found this photograph a while back in austin and have been dying to scan it, just to share with you. the message on the back makes this even better:

Dear Folks,

This was taken by a street photographer as I was walking along Avenida Juarez in Mexico City. I finally found a room at 1032 Bonnie Brae which I will take until I leave L.A. It is a very large upstairs corner room with a double bed and stove burners. It still gets hot here in the daytime.



an appropriate post.

in costa rica. by sofia tomé.

the end of the first (un)official summer weekend is here. thought this image would make sense. i’ve shared a variation on this blog in the past, but this has a lovely blue boat. it feels so peaceful and…distant. i am ready for a break.

all living things.

winter in manasquan. by sofia tomé.

the jersey shore remains forgotten during the winter, though every year, i head down for just that reason.  i love the calm that takes over the town and the beauty that pervades despite the cold weather. this photo, though having been taken almost 2 years ago, is a personal favorite of mine.  i love how the plants seem layered, how the barren trees peek out from behind.

in the garden.

girl in garden, unknown year. found.

isn’t it interesting how people just love photographing children (usually girls) in their garden? i’m pretty sure i bought this photo at an antique shop somewhere in jersey and though it has no date, it looks like it might be from the 1920s. the bob and the dress are both super cute!

winter in new york.

in central park. by sofia tomé.

though i’m not in new york at the moment, i’m sure the park is looking very similar to the way it looked last winter (and the winter before). the weather in houston is mild; every once in a while i miss this (and hot chocolate).