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tanger. september 4, 1952. found.

we were reading about the young shepherd reaching the marketplace in Tangier when it came to me that i had not yet posted this photograph. “The Alchemist” is a lovely book with a wonderful message…talk about an omen.


city living.

in the city, unknown year. found.

this is another image that i picked up at uncommon goods in austin, which is interesting because it doesn’t look at all like texas. is this new york (or maybe chicago)? it is undated, but the fashion leads me to believe that it must have been the 20s or so. i love that both the men and women are impeccably dressed. the fabulous feathered hat of the woman in the middle, the medals on the handsome gentleman…i love these finds!

i miss this.

looking to point pleasant. by sofia tomé

wishing i could lie on the beach, on my towel, with a good friend, and a good book.

trees and i.

in central park. by sofia tomé.

can i tell you something strange? for a while now, i’ve had a mini obsession with trees. i didn’t notice at first, but one day it hit me. i love them, they’re my favorite subject. and what’s interesting is that i love them when they’re bare. don’t get me wrong, i love the spring and, especially, the summer. but, there’s something about a bare tree, the curves of its branches, the color of the bark, that always draws me in.


case study: megabyte.

hello all.

Join us for a night of networking for bloggers, those who want a blog, and those can’t stop reading them!

Thursday, March 4th

From 7 -9 PM

Mompou Tapas Lounge, 77 Ferry St, Newark, NJ

This is a great opportunity to get to know the faces behind the laptops 🙂 Ask questions, have conversations, etc. If you have business cards, bring them…we’ll be collecting information to share with everyone.

Let’s bring the blogosphere to life!

p.s. For those so inclined to post live from the event, Mompou does have wireless.

p.p.s. Feel free to pass this on to anyone who you feel might be interested/post to your blog/etc.

the wheels are turning.

hello everyone,

just want to give an update.  i haven’t forgotten about you all 🙂

i’m trying to develop a new concept, a new title, lots of new things…working towards incorporating more types of photography into the blog. aside from expanding the kinds of photos that i’ll be posting, i’m hoping, down the line, to also have guest bloggers post their own photos just to keep things interesting.

if you have any ideas that you’d like to share, i’m open to hearing them.  in the meantime, keep checking back to see where i am!

new year.

as most of you know, this blog was last year’s new year resolution 🙂 now that the new year is upon us, i am trying to decide whether i want to continue with this concept or try something new. in the meantime, here are some out takes from the last year.

film installation. january 2009.

power house. july 2009.

on the subway. december 2009.